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We are not your traditional youth group! Spirit and Word Fellowship Youth Ministry meets every Wednesday evening from 6:00-8:15 in the fellowship hall. It is a place where everyone has a “voice”. It is also a place where everyone can be seen. We are a safe environment where our students, grades 6-12, have the opportunity to get out of the virtual classroom and into something more interactive.  

It’s tough enough being a follower of Jesus in this world.  Being an adolescent Christian is even tougher, especially now.  Covid-19 has stirred up many different emotions and has completely transformed the way we interact with each other. The world has changed. Everyone wants to be seen and heard. Everyone needs to be seen and heard.  We live in a “selfie” driven society where any and all information is available in an instant.

We help our students come to a place of knowledge in their walk with Christ and true peace in their journey of faith.  Each week we challenge our students and see what God and His Word has to say about living a Spirit filled life as a teenager in a secular world that seems a bit out of control.

We have a couple of sayings here at S&W Youth.  “Everyone’s got stuff”, and “Keep on the lookout for loneliness”. We all deal with stress differently. Helping our students share God’s love in a practical way is one of our primary goals. One of those ways is simply being a friend to someone in need.  It has been said, “People need to know how much we care before they care about how much we know.”  

Join us each week for an opportunity to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how the Word of God is not just relevant in today’s teenage world but absolutely necessary in order to live a productive, joyful, successful Christian life.

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Service Times:

Sunday @ 10:30am

Wednesday @ 7:00pm

1275 Tasker Rd. Stephens City VA, 22655


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P.O. Box 218 Stephens City VA, 22655

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